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Tenant Screening Services

Tenant Screening Services Relieve Home Owners, Estate and Letting Agents

The main goal of our tenant screening services is relieving home owners, estate or letting agents. Taking away uncertainty and offering security and convenience. The entire process is taken care of and continuous support is provided. The various screening options are in keeping with privacy law and legislation requirements. Ultimately, you can be certain of the accuracy of your tenants’ data. 

Tenant Screening Services: Various Options

  • Identity document
  • Credit rating
    • Payment behaviour
    • Corporate information
    • Civil rigthts rulings (insolvency register)
    • Receivership database
  • Certificat of employment
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Custom check (client- specific requests such as: pay slip,  bank statement copy, code of conduct, etc.)

Tenant Screening: Verifying the Facts

A tenant screening does not judge potential tenants, as it only focuses on the verification of certain data; candidates’ identity documents for example, credit ratings, criminal records or tenancy agreements. A screening is done fast, efficient, digitally and in a user-friendly manner. Afterwards, you receive a digital record containing the outcome of the screening. The advice shows one of the following colours:
  • red
  • amber
  • green
A red light tells you not to enter a business relation with a tenant and a green light shows you can. An amber light does not mean a complete rejection, but certain issues should be further analysed.

Tenant Screening is a Valuable Investment

A tenant Screening is a preventative method that is worth the investment, since unreliable tenants will cost a lot of time, energy and money. Avoid unpleasant situations and schedule a screening prior to signing a tenancy agreement!

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