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'People form the face, the conscience and the future of an organisation. This is why it is important to know who you are dealing with. Validata Group helps you carry out and guarantee proper screening because of which you can take better, more long-term decisions.'

Wonen-OK is a label of the Validata Group, specialist in screening people and companies. Apart from Wonen-OK, Vrijwilliger-OK and CV-OK are also labels of the Validata Group.
Wonen-OK was founded in 2015 from the demand for tools to better guarantee the integrity of tenants and buyers. Wonen-OK has a low-threshold online process with which all personal details, relevant for screening, can be verified fast and safely. The combination of substantive knowledge, innovative strength and flexible software enables us to constantly develop so we can help you and our clients better and better.

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Our mission

Fully unburdening our clients in the field of screening tenants and buyers. We do this by:
  • offering a user-friendly and flexible online screening process;
  • providing a high quality screening report for every potential tenant;
  • doing this quickly and client-oriented, within the framework of the Privacy Act and in line with the client's (compliance) policy.

Our vision

The need to clear specific financial risks when letting immoveable property will continue to increase;

  • Properly screening potential tenants prior to the lease is increasingly becoming a fixed part of this; 
  • Due to the increasing complexity of the legal framework, this type of screening is outsourced to specialists.

We are:

Wonen-OK; market leader in the field of screening tenants. We are part of the Validata Group, a young and innovative company, specialised in the service and development of software aimed towards screening people and companies. Validata Group helps organisations worldwide take better decisions when entering into business relations.


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