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NVM Woontoets

The NVM Woontoets checks (potential) tenants and buyers. When estate and letting agents are looking for tenants and buyers, ruling out certain risks factors can offer a sense of security. The NVM Woontoets can prevent doing business with unreliable or dishonest tenants and buyers. Validata Group B.V. is a specialised in screening people and companies. This dynamic and innovative organisation will take care of the screening process. Reliability, integrity and privacy are vital elements when Validata Group processes personal information. Data and information privacy applies to (potential) tenants as well as estate and letting agents.

The NVM Woontoets Relieves

The NVM Woontoets aims to relieve estate and letting agents. Finding tenants or buyers can be risky, but the NVM Woontoets offers security. After having completed an accessible online screening process, the NVM Woontoets provides a high-quality screening record containing important advice; potential tenants and buyers could be labelled the perfect candidates to sign a lease or purchase agreement…or they not.

The NVM Woontoets Offers Insight

The screening by NVM Woontoets can check and detect various elements. Falsified documents can emerge for example, or potential tenants and buyers might have a high credit score; meaning long-term payment could be a problem. Unreliable tenants and buyers and/or those posing a financial risk are given a negative advice. After thorough screening, the NVM Woontoets gives potential tenants or buyers a red, yellow or green light. A red light means a lease or purchase agreement is discouraged. A yellow light means further investigation is necessary, because not every result came out positive. A green light means a lease or purchase agreement can be drawn up. Please note: Even though NVM Woontoets provides clarity and insight, staying alert will always be necessary.

The NVM Woontoets: Privacy Guaranteed

When it comes to handling personal information of (potential) tenants and buyers and estate and letting agents, privacy is an important issue. When Validata Group processes information of potential tenants and buyers, their privacy is always guaranteed.

The NVM Woontoets Prevent Unpleasant Surprises

The NVM Woontoets is an effective tool to help protect the estate and letting agents against unpleasant surprises. During the process, tenants and buyers as well as estate and letting agents are kept well informed. The lease or purchase agreements that are eventually drawn up are based on hard facts. Request a NVM Woontoets now, to prevent uncomfortable situations later!
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